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STRONGER Series II, An Advanced Beginner's Guide To Weightlifting

STRONGER Series II, An Advanced Beginner's Guide To Weightlifting

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Our Advanced-Beginner weightlifting series for women over 40 takes things up a notch (or two) and consists of 4 weeks of workouts, which can be found - for free! - on our YouTube channel.

That said, if you prefer to workout in the gym or you want to workout at your own pace, then this guide is for you. Each exercise listed in the guide is clickable, so if you see, “Banana Marches” and can’t remember what the heck that is, simply click the link and a clip will pop up, with Laurel demonstrating that exact move.

In addition to the weekly workout plans, this guide also includes:
  • additional 10 minute ab exercises
  • easy (and healthy recipes) for what to eat before & after weightlifting
  • a shoppable edit of our team's favorite gear & accessories
  • links to the exact equipment our personal trainer, Laurel Card, recommends.
Using ISO holds, single-sided exercises, exercises that challenge your balance and coordination, burnouts, and finishers, our goal is to get STRONGER.

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